Happy birthday Blake and Nico!

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Hi you lovely lot,

Our angels Blake and Nico are 1 today and what a 12 months it’s been…. There have been highs and there have been lows but we’ve survived the first year of having twins (& a six year old) with our marriage and sanity intact….well the marriage definitely, the sanity is debatable.

When the girls first entered the world  I really didn’t know what to expect, so being the worrier that I am, I thought the worst. I won’t cope. I won’t get any sleep. I won’t have time for anything that’s not baby orientated. Well, 12 months on….. I’m coping very well. I get plenty of sleep (could always do with more but who couldn’t?) But no, I really don’t have time for anything that’s not baby orientated. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

I will admit its been quite hard and often lonely living in a foreign country away from the support system of my sister and friends (and Boots). Also knowing how amazing my Mum was with Cas at this age, all the funny, beautiful things she’s missing out on, makes me miss her even more. Because of these things, I’ve had several large meltdowns…..some completely rational and one or two (cough cough) very embarrassingly not.

But we live and learn and continue to grow. I’m fully aware and appreciate how lucky and blessed I am to have a healthy, happy family but it’s easy to forget sometimes when you get bogged down in nappies and homework. All in all, our beautiful girls first 12 months have been a joy.

Blake and Nico are mesmerizing  and although its hard work with 2, I obviously wouldn’t change a thing. So many positives have come along with the challenges too. I already knew but Vin has reminded me a million times over what an incredible man, father, husband he is and equally Caspar, what an adorable, fantastic and amazingly patient big brother he is.

So I am a very happy Mama who is far too blessed to be stressed (most days!!!)

Huge kisses from me and mine…

Hope you enjoy a few photos of our first year as a “numerous family” x






caspar meeting his sister for the first time!

Caspar meeting his sister for the first time… I cried so much, it was so beautiful.

sisters snuggling

Sisters snuggling

daddys girl

Daddy’s girl

squished but happy

Squished but happy

me and my best friend coffee

Me and my best friend Coffee

ibiza mode

Getting into Ibiza mode

first time out at sea

First time out at sea

nasty jabs

After those nasty jabs

in the pool with daddy

In the pool with Daddy

buggy oclock

Buggy O’Clock!

beautiful grubby grubster

Beautiful grubby grubster!



first christmas

First Christmas

a rare moment when no one is wriggling

A rare moment when no one is wriggling!

location, time, mission

Location: Caspar’s room

Time: When he’s at school

Mission: Destroy stuff

nico having a pharrell moment

Nico having a Pharrell moment

dinner time is sooo funny

Dinner time is so funny

blake rocking the high street

Blake rocking the high street!

nico the lion

Nico the Lion

Jenny on the cover of Mother & Baby magazine!

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Mother & Baby Cover

Mother & Baby Page

Puree.. Ga Ga Gourmet!

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Cow & Gate offers once in a lifetime five-star dining experience to little ones in London

Cow & Gate has teamed up with Jenny Frost, mum to 9 month-old twin girls Blake and Nico, to launch Purée, the UK’s first ever dining experience designed exclusively for babies. Offering a first taste of the finer things in life, Purée provides an immersive sensory experience that is all about the little (ones) details.

Delivering silver-spoon service in a sensational setting, Purée has been designed with babies’ sight, sound and taste in mind. Culminating in a truly memorable meal occasion, the restaurant will be serving up tasty, top quality Cow & Gate meals.

Working with handpicked farmers and growers, Cow & Gate sources only the best quality ingredients for their foods, which can be appreciated in style at Purée.

The exclusive eatery aims to dazzle all the senses of its tiny discerning diners and have them goo-goo-gaga’ing for more.

Jenny Frost Showreel

Agent: Kate@bold-management.comk
Telephone contact: 0151 709 1791